i got a positive ovulation test now what

My Ovulation Test is Positive! When Should I Have Sex?

You've got a positive ovulation test! Click HERE for more about when's the best time to have sex to get pregnant. Good Luck!9 Jul 2016 ... You're getting positive ovulation tests, you're having sex at the right time, but you' re still not pregnant. What's going on? It's important to remember that it can take a healthy couple up to 12 months to get pregnant – without an ovulatNow we tried again. My charting stated my fertile days were between February 13 -19. And my ovulation day on the 18th. I have been using ov tests since 3 days ago and Today I got a positive on my ovulation test. So I know im coming close to releasing anu should be attacking your SO (significant other) right..about..now! lol we've decided to do the egg meet sperm plan nxt cycle..if my tests can make up there ... I took an ovulation predictor test yesterday 12pm &7pm its positive and today I took opk t24 Aug 2016 ... Positive ovulation test: Am I ovulating right now? ovulation test pregnancy. Ovulation tests are designed to predict when you're about to ovulate: not the precise moment you release an egg. If you get a positive result, it's a good indicI've been using your tests for 3 cycles now with good results. But during my last cycle, I did not receive a positive result – only a faint test line that was almost a positive. Did I ovulate? Is it possible to not receive a positive result and still havUsually we have sex a day or two before positive ovulation test. But we could not have sex last night. And this morning I had a positive ovulation test. ... to bd when we felt like it! i did a sneaky few opks, got my pos opk, dtd that evening and thats Then, the OPK turns positive at 11 a.m, but you won't know because you only test once a day. ... But having sex after ovulation is not going to get you pregnant. ... Making love after ovulation won't get you pregnant, so if you rely on the OPK and you I had positive pregnancy tests and very strong positive ovulation tests for 4 weeks after the D&C suddenly the 10miu pg test was negative and 3 days after the ovulation test went back to negative!! Felt like forever ... just go with it. Am not going to dYou've got a positive ovulation test! Click HERE for more about when's the best time to have sex to get pregnant. Good Luck!

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